Benefits Administration

Benefits Trends and Benchmarking Tool

The resources highlighted in this section include surveys and interactive tools that provide benefits benchmarking data and analysis in such key areas as types of private insurance plans offered and premium costs, as well as contributions by employers and employees both on a national and state-level.
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Online Enrollment

Campbell Petrie’s enrollment portal dashboard gives you a quick view of your company’s enrollment progress.
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New employee orientation (also called onboarding) is the process you have created to introduce your new employees to your staff and management, as well as the new workplace environment.
Your goal is to familiarize your new employee with your company and create a positive first impression. Please note that employee orientation is also designed for employees who are promoted within your company and need a similar type of program.
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Benefits of Employee Orientation:

  • Increase staff retention
  • Enhance productivity

When You Don’t Have an Effective Onboarding Program

  • Your new employee may provide inadequate service to customers
  • If your new employee leaves your company quickly due to dissatisfaction, he or she may go directly to your competitor, possibly taking valuable information with them
  • Your business reputation may be negatively impacted when the employee talks about his or her experience to professional colleagues, networks and friends