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We act as your support team so that you can stay focused on your business.

Whether you’re a large company with thousands of employees or a small “mom-and-pop” business, Campbell Petrie creates cost-effective benefits packages uniquely tailored to your needs. We work intimately with you, your management team, and directly with your employees while maintaining a world-class customer service experience.

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Our process has four key phases

Initial Meeting

We ask questions and listen to your needs and put together a plan that meets regulatory requirements while fitting your budgetary needs.


Once you choose a plan, our team will hold your company’s hand to make sure all products and services are implemented properly.

Monthly Meetings

We check in with you on a monthly basis to be sure that everything is running as expected.

6 Month Renewal

In advance of your new year, we review budgeting and planning so that we can make any amendments and take your plan to the market so we can find you the best value over a six-month period to ensure the time needed to make a change.

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